It is more than Rhetoric

From 95 to 2005 in Florida, a person could utilize a permit by which they could then recover artifacts under specified guidelines in navigable state waterways deemed state sovereign submerged lands.   After such time, the state, influenced by a bias few with political clout, decided to with draw that policy based on language in the law, specifically, the word ‘may’.

HB 803 and SB 1054 are Bills that are simple strike outs and adjustments on the law to get citizen scientist back in the waterways without being outside of the law.  We are in essence changing ‘a may implement to a shall implement’ a policy.  It is really that simple.   We are sponsoring the adjustments in law to regain civil liberty to the avocational.  We are helping to create a Bill that would create a permit program similar to the very successful Florida fossil permit and South Carolina’s hobby diver permit.