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Currently there is a study being conducted that many of us participated in the survey portion of it. Though the wording is formed in a traditional definition to amnesty, the reality behind it is that it has began to bring into conversation the divisive nature of mishandled conservation ideals. What is going to become prevalent in the future conversations, as to the rights of Citizen Scientist, is that it takes the whole of a society to best serve its history.

Many of us in the collector community have become disenfranchised and persecuted by heavy handed enforcement and legal intimidation. Many of the partnerships of the past have been the very snares of today. It is no surprise that many have become mistrusting of the professional archaeological community and their impact on politics and legislation. When your resource source is governmental funding, it is no wonder there are efforts to squash groups that serve Archaeology with no impact on taxation. Even then, for a healthy uncovering of the historic record, we need both professional and amateur in collaboration.

To make that reality, we can no longer relate one to the other in verbal agreement alone, for the only ones that are in risk of legal ramifications when the agenda of tolerance shifts is the very citizens the collaborative Historic record is intended to enculturate. Like it or not, getting laws redrafted that require unbias partnerships is the only viable solution for a healthy future in Florida’s Archaeology. That is what we are doing in TSAS. We are legally positioning new translation in law and exposing the strong bias and endangering postures of governmentally funded professionals. We are fighting for a healthy coexistence.

You can influence change in so many ways, so continue to do what you can, when you can. Please become a partner with our political efforts by becoming a Legal Advocacy Fund Sustainer.

Thanks for the continued support.
Teben Pyles