I am in it, till we win it!

(Please consider being a sustaining partner to our advocacy fund)

Several at our last meeting joined the advocacy team as monthly donators, and many chose to go ahead and pay for six months. If a permit to recover artifacts in Florida waterways is of interest to you, then being a partner now is important to help us obtain that liberty once again. If you will one day pay a yearly amount for a permit, then by giving to the fund that will help our future in that way is in substance, your budgetable beginning towards the process.

The real nuts and bolts here is, if we had ten people at a hundred, twenty at fifty, or even forty at twenty five a month, we would be able to build up a budget that would continue to best serve our community of collectors. Let us all put our money where our mouth is, and the phrase that sums this up best…..”I am in it, till we win it!”