Access and Awareness



Many today either don’t do technology or they only participate in portions.  This site is for a portion of the public outside of our mailing list and those who don’t do the popular social media forums.  Though we provide our members with newsletters, we are constantly shaping our social footprint to educate, inspire, and bring awareness to the public.   This site will continue to high light events, overview positive community involvements, educate archeologically, broadcast upcoming changes, and show case a variety of artifacts, but we have found that in today’s media savvy world, our Facebook page draws a lot of interest.

In spite of this web site getting hacked and hijacked, we have gotten it resolved, but we no longer have a great deal of our blog post from previous years.  Though we have this web page back up and running safely, for the last several years we had shifted our social emphasis like many groups, to Facebook any how.  We will update this site periodically but we have found that Facebook’s platform is more member interactive.  This site will serve primarily as reinforcement of the main points in our news letters, any major shifts as they happen, or member generated educational articles we feel need greater push for the public.

For an interactive, member inspired experience with many informative threads of past discussion, and over 2000 pictures to muse, look us up.  Our Facebook page address is: