Forward Vision

Thanks to those that nominated me, thanks to Kevin for all he has done to elevate the culture of TSAS. Together with those who are new and those that have been around, with the great team on the board already, I hope that we can continue building a brighter future for the community of collectors. May we go beyond the passion for the hobby, but begin to bridge ourselves in a more significant and unified force for positive impact on our civil liberties.

I start on the shoulders of those before, and this transition was not because anything was broken but based on targets of broader breath and a more resourceful reach to begin to rekindle synergy in the state of Florida. It is about continuing to align us across boarders in our three states and across the various collector communities, but since the current events are a pressing importance in Florida’s front lines, it is strategic to put a Floridian at the helm. Even then, let us continue to be a blessing in our local communities with scholarships and our venues of education and preservation as whole.

Listen, if we want to be not only a society but individuals that are trusted with preservation, recovery and collection, we as a family of finders need be trustworthy. Though the opposition at times can be nothing but trustworthy, it does not give us the right to join in their unrighteous entitlement. It is important for us to continue being proactive in informing and educating the public transgenerationally, informing ourselves and collaborating more effectively, and continue to mentor and self regulate our activities to ensure an enduring future of our current efforts.

To avoid our efforts getting offset yet again, as we continue to stand for and change to the dangers in the law, we need unity, strong alliances, and a good public image.  If we can move from casual to classy, the public and the voters will continue to take us serious. I feel if we can move to a place of testimonials from a place pointing out our set backs of injustice, we will remind ourselves how great it is to be a member of the collecting community, and we will be emblematic of how we are everything but a bunch of outlaws.

Since the legal implication is, by recovering a displaced artifact from Florida’s waterways, one is ‘stealing’ from the state, it is crucial that we become singular in our stand and our public awareness and efforts, for in our unity, we will have better days ahead of us.  It won’t be over just by adjusting what can even then get adjusted back or into something worse. So, our conduct as a collective needs to uphold a high standard.  Look, advocacy is not for big names alone, for it happens at every level. So, get into the conversation and engage the audience that you are given. It is not about the few that get elected but the many that choose to elect, and all those who elect, need proper perspectives and information.  May we all begin to help drive more informed conversations and conduct ourselves accordingly.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve the family of finders. Our past President, Kevin Dowdy, will be very instrumental in our future, and he had this to say, “Congratulations Teben! I am excited that you are our new president, and I am confident that you will take things to the next level! I appreciate all the support and the opportunity to serve and will continue to support TSAS anyway I can.” So, let us all take hold of the future, by doing what we can for forward progress in our own spheres of influence each day.

Your servant leader,

Teben Pyles