Progress Towards Victory

tpyles Teben Pyles


Though we were few in number, I believe that we had meaningful points of contact and informed some of the minds that matter today at the Capitol. It was largely orchestrated through the depth of relationships that are the ongoing diligence of our lead lobby advocate by which I believe we sat in the presence of many that will help us to achieve our goals.

We met with almost a dozen representatives today and their assistants, and all of whom expressed empathy for overreaching government while even then, many of them gave us great advice, possible allies and strategies to be successful for moving forward. So, today I will chalk up as good progress towards victory for the collector’s rights though so much work still needs to be done.

In the near future, we will be calling on all of our members and peers to rally together and to join in expressing to our district representatives and our senators that which we would like them to do for us. Each one that we met with today was very thankful that they could place faces with our cause, but they need more stories, more experiences, more voices, and more emails to connect what they found moving with in our stories today with the stories of us all. It is the time for all of us to express to them why it is we should be allowed to do what we’ve been doing for years, even many of us, for generations. To let them know why collecting is not a crime.

There is power and numbers and with our low numbers, we need everybody to at the least call or email their respective representatives, and in the next several months, we will be organizing an effort for a mass showing of support and we’re calling it, Collectors at the Capitol.